The first ever poetry and comedy special! This one of a kind one-hour special is a hilarious and insightful look at difficulties of discussing mental health and the stigmas around men and depression. Funny jokes and poignant poems, you will definitely laugh until you cry, and cry until you laugh.

This is Douglas Powell/Roscoe Burnems 2nd collection and 1st self-published work. The collection focuses on oppression and resilience. These poems highlight the struggle of people who are put under pressure to always rise above despite a consistent attack from a judgmental society. Candidly speaking on the toxic masculinity, sexism, racism and more, this collection of poems and writings show how emerging greatly does not come without adversity, but to rise in spite of it is the true testament of humanity. 

Douglas Powell/Roscoe Burnems 3rd collection. This work is a poetic journey of discovery and the intersectionality of death, love, and spirituality. These poems unpack their relationship to our mental health and our world view. It is a layered emotional experience that will cause a reader to ponder the human experience.