Douglas Powell (Roscoe Burnems)

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Roscoe Burnems  is the proud founder, member, and coach for the The Writer's Den Poetry Slam Team. This is Richmond's premier poetry slam experience. This collective holds performance poetry competitions the last Wednesday of the month.Spoken-word artists compete for an opportunity to make the team that will represent the city both regionally and nationally. The Writer's Den Slam team has sent teams since 2014 are currently ranked top 10 in the South. The Writer's Den is currently at Elegba Folklore Society (101 East Broad St., Richmond VA 23219). A historic venue dedicated to art and the education and celebration of African culture. The Writers Den welcomes a wide range of poets and encourage all spoken-word artists from all walks of life to come and compete. find out more at 

Richmond Virginia native, Douglas Powell -artistically known as- Roscoe Burnems, has always been a writer. He began sharing his work as a senior in high school. Drawing inspiration from Hip-Hop, he’s always had a desire to have an impact on audience’s heart.


His performance poetry has afforded him the opportunity to enlighten and entertain crowds across the country; seen everywhere from coffee shops and schools, to universities, theaters and arenas. As a “slam poet” and member of Slam Richmond from 2009 to 2013 he has competed nationally as an individual and as part of the team. His involvement assisted in placing 3rd as a team at Southern Fried Regional Slam in 2009 where he ranked 6th individually. Roscoe was also a member of the 2014 National Poetry Slam Championship team, the DC Beltway Slam.


He brings his life experiences to the stage, speaking about failures, bullying, heart-breaking relationships, generational curses and their contribution to Depression and self-esteem. His work is designed to give a voice for people who feel alone in this world and shedding a candid light on issues we may consider taboo as a culture.